Devagar means slow in Portuguese.

but its significance runs far deeper. It is a reverence for the unhurried cadence of life, a homage to the metIculous craftsmanship cultivated over generatIons.

Our journey is one of refinement and passion, where every detail is honed to perfectIon. Each creatIon is a labour of love, crafted by hand with an unwavering commitment to quality and care.

At the heart of Devagar lies a profound connectIon to Portuguese culture. Our pieces are more than mere objects; they reflect a rich heritage. We see the world beyond aesthetIcs. We promote sustainability advocatIng for mindful consumptIon. We believe that “less is more" is, indeed, the pillar of luxury today. Our commitment to ethical practIces and local sourcing ensures that every creatIon leaves a positive impact in the community.

In essence, Devagar epitomizes timeless luxury – a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. It’s a brand but also an experience, and a testament to the enduring beauty of enjoying the good things in life and slow living.


We have been travelling around Portugal in search of all those artisans that have been mastering their crafts for years, to develop unique pieces.

All our ceramics are individually handmade and painted by talented and dedicated artisans. Our cushions and bedspreads are hand loom woven. And the tablecloths and rugs are beautifully embroidered by patient needleworkers.