Dive into the Portuguese craftsmanship

Devagar means slow in Portuguese.

Slow because it took generations to cultivate the perfection that Devagar is about.
Slow because each item needs time to be exclusively handmade for you, with patience and care.

Our goal is to make a collection that is beautifully handcrafted and based on Portuguese culture. Something for you to enjoy in your day to day.
Devagar is all about taking something from the past and fitting it into this modern world to preserve and better this work for years to come. Our heart is in everything we do.

We make products that are both chic and utilitarian. They are made to last and evolve in a beautiful way over time. We care about where the materials come from and who is making them. We are committed to rethinking traditional practices using local and long lasting resources.

We respect and preserve this craft and we work with skilled artisans who are proud of their work.
We offer a conscious and sustainable way of buying and bringing more beauty into your life.

Devagar is timeless.

That is what we consider luxury.



We have been travelling around Portugal in search of all those artisans that have been mastering their crafts for years, to develop unique pieces.

All our ceramics are individually handmade and painted by talented and dedicated artisans. Our cushions and bedspreads are hand loom woven. And the tablecloths and rugs are beautifully embroidered by patient needleworkers.