I am Teresa Golpe and I have been travelling and working as Interior designer for many years. being a consultant for several international brands and collaborating on special projects with other prestigious designers.

After moving to Lisbon, I could not turn my eyes away from the quality of the Portuguese craftsmanship. My curiosity drove me to dive deeper into the world of artisans, knocking on the door of every workshop, as I quickly realised the infinite possibilities of developing something new based on all those artisanal techniques.

I have been driving around this fascinating country in search of all those who have been mastering their crafts for generations, creating unique products based in traditional patterns. From what I discovered and absorbed, fascinated by the still untouched way of working, I developed a collection of pieces I love and cherish. This is my eye, my way of sharing with you how this journey impacted me.

It’s been an intense experience, filled with lots of travelling, meeting friendly and skilled people and designing things I would personally live with. All of them are an intimate part of me. With Devagar I want to show my way of enjoying life and my vision of a playful interior design.