Care Instruction

Linen Care instructions

Classify our linens by material (cotton, linen) and colour before washing them.

Do not mix linens with elements that can damage any of the fabrics like zippers or other metallic items.

Our linen must be washed in cold water with liquid soap.

Do not soak or use any bleach.

When using a dryer , avoid high temperatures.

Ideally for best results iron at high temperature. when linens are slightly damp.

For enhancing the embroidery iron inside out.

Do not expose items directly to the sun when air drying, as the colour could fade or yellow.

Bedspreads and cushions are Dry Clean only.

Never ever

Use bleach

Over dry in the dryer

Store in plastic


Rugs are 100% wool. 

To clean small stains, use a sponge moistened with neutral soap and rub gently. Rinse with a clean damp cloth afterwards.

It can be vacuumed with a plain accessory, no brush.

To avoid furniture marks or sun damage, we recommend to rotate the rug periodically.

The rug can be stored rolled up. It can also be folded for short times.

Decorative ceramics

Hand washed only very carefully with neutral liquid soap.

Do not brush.


Dishwasher safe

Microwave safe