We are moved by the fact that each piece of our collection has a story to tell that dates back to many generations. We share the love and respect for their craft of our artisans and admire the excellence that they have been able to achieve. It takes years of training, hard work, and attention to detail.

We want to make sure this knowledge and the beauty of these traditions are kept for the future and the special work of these artisans is never lost. Our intention is in the discovery and the joy of having a piece of the past and preserving these ways for the modern world, always putting quality at the forefront of everything we do at Devagar.

We can guarantee that everything we sell is produced by someone who is passionate and happy to share the work they have put into each design.Everything we produce has a process that begins with a conversation, many times not even about work but live, establishing a close and trustful relationship with the artisans.

We create timeless collections made to last and be passed down. There is a story behind each piece and the story continues with you.

Craft is modern, It cannot be forgotten or lost.

It will always remain relevant and valued.